How Capitalism Lost its Shine , 2012

Here is a great article about capitalism, and why today’s youth, and others, struggle with the significance of this. WSJ Journal Why Capitalism has an Image Problem

This is serious stuff to me. It is about what has made America great, and how that is being threatened now through over-regulation and govenrment crowding out (think health care).

I am convinced I need to read the Obama Health Care reform I am told it says that when you turn 85 you are no longer eligible for cancer teatement. That just can’t be true. First of all, there are many many 85+ year olds that are vibrant contributors to our businesses – we just can’t “dismiss” them or write them off. Secondly, if you are paying into a ‘system’ of sorts, should that system really be allowed to tell you that you cannat receive the same benefits as everyone else because of your age (or gender, or religion, or anything else???)???

I feel like we are in the Mad Hatter’s world – everything is upside down. Sense is being made of non-sensical utterances. It’s scary, and hard to watch something you love being cast-aside for the glamour of – of what? I am not really sure. Obama talks about spreading the wealth, but as Churchill has observed, that simply spreads the misery around.

Obama is, in my opinion, guilty of Crony capitalism. The ones at the top will protect each other, but the (single) layer below them will all be left to fend for themselvesss – and that is where the “misery” will be shared. Be careful what you wish for: spreading the wealth really means keeping the wealth to a few, and spreading the misery among the masses.

Crafting Things

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I find I am driven to make things (but perhaps not boilers).  Mostly things that will mean something to others, that will be my gift of my time and good karma thoughts while making the item. As I make them, I think about how to improve it the next time around.  I think about it as a business, and capturing costs.  And I think about how to scale the production process.  Silly, but by that time, I am happy to return to my simple thoughts about how much the receiver will enjoy the gift, and I leave it at that.  Till the next time aroung.

The three images shown here are of a current baby blanket done for my good friend Matt’s daughter, which features his son on it as well, and of a baby blanket done about 30 years ago.

To begin anew

It’s diffilcult to summarize all that has been going on, but suffice it to say that we returned to Oregon this past week, for two weddings. Because we had a week between each wedding, we used the time to visit with old friends, and I cannot say enough about how good that felt. It is heart warming, to say the least, to sit down with your old friends and visit for awhile. We met almost everyone in their home, and kept things simple so we had no distractions, no servers, no other patrons, etc.

And our son, Byron, has decided to join Dan in his business, which, of course, we are thrilled about. While he only knows the business from the sidelines, we believe it is a good match for him at all levels – professionally and personally. Only time will tell, but we are pleased he will give it a try.

Work – this has been evolving. I have the MKG partners, and a CEO that is from their group. While there are conflicts, in the big picture, I am hopeful it will be what we all know it can be. The potential is there, and now the expertise is in place. I stopped going in to the office on a daily basis as of May 1st, and that has been quite a release.

Health – all is good. After this week, though, weight is a bit high for me….but it was well worth it — to enjoy wine with friends. I did just complete my physical. All is well. Except insurance company said I was covered, and now want to charge me $3,000 because a polyp was removed. Really? Isn’t that the whole point of the exercise? My dear sweet broker is going to fight it for me.

LifePlan – Not sure yet. Still enjoying my hobbies – sewing and knitting, and baking. Would like to do more, but just am not sure of what that would be. I am exploring taking a recipe to market.

I do feel we are beginning anew in our lives. We have lost so many friends this past year, shed them to their new beginnings. I miss them being here, and respect them all the more that they have crossed over. I do keep looking for my dad, in special moments – look around for a glimpse, but to no avail.

To re-connect with old friends is invigorating, and gets one pumped up about things or feelings we may have forgotten. It is so nice to feel the warmth of those special friends once again.

When I travel, and then come home, I always unpack and use that time to re-organize my closet. Another new beginning. And we just put in some new cabinets – so another re-org, and new beginning. And my new website – clean out the clutter, get organized, and get going with life. Smarter better faster. That’s the way I like it.