Where does the time go?

We are struggling to keep up with ourselves. It seems we just got up, and we turn around, and it’s time for bed!

Yes, we are early risers. And these days, we are spending about 3 hours hiking the hills. By the time you get up and piddle around the house, do chores on the computer, we head out by 8 or 9 am if we are lucky. Finish that hike around 11 or so. Now we are hot and grimy, so home to shower and clean up. But oh wait, what about those errands? – think we can squeeze them in while we are out? Sure! So a stop here and there for supplies, and we are home around 2:30 or 3. Now it’s shower time, stretch, upload photos and document the hike, and 6 pm is here before we know it. A glass of vino, some chores around the house, and bedtime.

And tomorrow we will do the same thing, but different hike, different errands, and different chores. And the next day, and the next day. So when people ask what’s new?, well, nothing really. Morning, noon and evenings all blur into one warm cozy memory.

We look forward to better weather, which will force earlier hikes, and patio dinners (which will force more gardening chores). And friends over to enjoy the evenings. We are happy with this simple life. And we hope you are, too. If not today, maybe tomorrow.