There is no explanation

Ever wonder why we even exist?  I do.  But there are no answers.  No explanation. Nothing.

So then I wonder “where we are going?” on this journey through life.  And I marvel at how man has developed life, with its many inconvient complications and unintended consequences.

Despite whether one agrees or disagrees with our evolvement, here we are, in all our glory, so to speak.

“America” has been tossed around a lot, and what many fail to understand is that we are not just a nation, we are an idea, conceived by those who sought freedom from tyranny, freedom from government, freedom from oppression. And we achieved it.  Now what?

Now it appears we in danger of going full circle, and losing what others fought for and gifted us.  The men who established our country knew this was a risk, and forewarned of it, but unfortunately, we humans have short memories.  And our foes count on that.

I take our freedom seriously, especially in light of Russia’s aggression, Syria’s unrest, ISIS, Hamas attacks against Israel and the resulting battle.  This is a very serious time we live in, and to my dismay, many do not seem to recognize this. Recently, a young FaceBook friend lamented politics being posted on Facebook.  Politics! The one thing that has the power to control your life, and this youth and others want to avoid discussing it?  Are we a world gone mad?

There simply is no explanation for such irreverence, except innocence (in the case of the very young) or ignorance (in the case of the not-so-young).

There is a good book out now – Things That Matter, by Charles Krauthammer.  I can only hope people will read this book, and others, that encourage the study and examination of politics in the name of freedom.

If we do ultimately lose our freedoms to those who wish to oppress us, there will be no good explanation except laziness.  There will be a new way of life, one that none of us imagined possible in our current reality of a free lifestyle, but make no mistake, we will regret we were not diligent with our politics.

It is moments such as these, when these thoughts whirl around my brain such that I cannot sleep, that I am glad I am older and on my way out. It is painful to watch the masses elbow or crowd out the ideas our country was founded on.  Personal liberties, freedoms and responsibilities are being traded for self-indugencies and dependencies.  I fear we are the spoiled child, and it is only when we are denied our blessings that we will realize the error in our ways.  I also fear that at that time, it may be too late, and we will be submerged in a long, dark period.

And while there is no explanation of this – I do hope for a new youth that will rise up before too long, and bring political discussions back to the dinner table and the coffee houses, and the forefront of our national conversation. We need to keep a firm grip on matters that shape our nation.