Meteoric Demise

They came in, heralding their expertise. Halfway through it, I knew one was a self-indulgent con, the others just plain conceited and ignorant, a deadly combination. Yet “meteoric rise” was a phrase the con liked to use, but truth was, he’d executed a “meteoric demise”.

Sadly, others believed in them, despite the warning signs. Some believed because they were too junior to know better, others because they felt they were too senior to start again, and others just because they wanted to believe – the promises sounded so good and it all sounded easy.

I have a poem for you, and later, I’ll write the book – a “How NOT to….” versus a “How to…”. Because I have witnessed first hand how not to do certain things in life. And some things should not remain a secret.

In the meantime, here is a post that they (and I) should have read before agreeing to do ANYTHING together. I think the first point would have signaled all that this was not going to be a good move.

“When your ego is too big to manage a company”