Two Years Ago

It’s been two years since my father passed away.  I am lucky to have had time with him, and wish everyone would have the opportunity to spend adult time – lots of it – with their parents. I am a lucky girl.

I blogged at the time of his passing, capturing my thoughts and anguish, and am glad I did.  It is interesting to revisit one’s thoughts.

Took today off from work to reflect, and work around the house, pay my respects, and so forth.  I placed two batches of White Lilies – the big ones – at his site last night. Will return today to add red roses.
I have taken up some hobbies – to keep me busy, and to satisfy my natural need to do things for others.  I am knitting, and still sewing, but sewing more regularly.  I’ll work on those projects today, in addition to office work.
I stopped drinking alcohol just after Thanksgiving, more on a whim than anything else, and it’s February now, so I am a little surprised I have kept it at bay.  I keep saying I will have it when I want it, but I guess I am not ready for it.  I was a bit tired of drinking alcohol – tired of the weight it puts on, and the drag it was having each evening.  I would go to parties and watch how I would socially drink on “auto-pilot”, and a little voice in my head would mock me for not taking control since drinking alcohol was not what I wanted.  I guess I am now listening to that little voice.In part, that’s why/when I took up knitting, and returned to sewing.  Keeps my hands busy, fills me with purpose each evening.  And it is such a pleasure to make nice things for people I care about.I have lost weight too – down to size 2, again in part to absence of alcohol, but also because I am eating less.  Much less, as it turns out.

I have come to the conclusion that Americans have too much food in front of them, 24/7, and have just pulled back from that.   I am disugsted by our prepondernce to gorge ourselves on food and drink, indulge ourselves in over the top lifestyles.  We are a gluttonous (not sure that is a word, but what the heck) society, always having too much around us – too much food, too much drink, too much stuff.   I want away from that.
We have a friend getting married in Cayman Islands, and are thinking of joining them on their cruise. We haven’t had time together like that in a very long time – it will be like a second honeymoon.  It will be nice to do for “just us” – take that time and spend it together —  somewhat in a group, but also on our own.  I am looking forward to that.
On another front, I came up with an idea for a TV show – like everyone else, probably.  I just wish we – society – could get back to more sensible values.
The Superbowl just occurred, with pop singer Madonna (who did a horribly dated show, plus, she piped in her own vocals), and one of her “guests” was a singer who markets herself with a someone having a bad attitude – an angry person.  During her 30 seconds of performance time, ths guest flips the camera off!  What is up with that???  Her own customers – the audience – she gives the middle finger to!    I guess the kids in today’s market “take it”??
I hope not. I hope there is enough wisdom at all levels to recognize the value of the gentle society.  There will always be the shock jocks and girls offering titillation, but cannot that be for the few, and not for the masses?