Holidays Are Coming

With never enough time in a day for exercise and work related happenings, I look forward to  Fall and Winter, and the holidays that come with that timing.  The kids will be home for Thanksgiving, and even though it is a brief visit, spanning just two days, it will feel great to hear their voices and feel their hugs.

I am traveling this week – Green Intelligent Buildings.  I think I have picked up a new person for the office – one who may prove to be a keeper if we can hold his interest.  I’ll know more next Spring, but for now, I feel very good about things to come.

Of course, except, on the global political front.  Makes me wonder where my head was at back in the 70s and 80s that I missed so much of what was happening.  I love the internet for its ability to bring the world to our door.  While it is not the end-all, it is a great placfe to start.

Iran will show us what kind of a spine we have, over the course of the next couple of days, and maybe weeks.  The whole world is watching.  Meanwhile, Congress keeps trying to move healthcare reform along.  Too bad they are aiming in the wrong direction.  But it comes from the top, doesn’t it?

Current Events & Life Changes

Recently, we celebrated my dad’s 88th birthday.  fortunately, he is in good health.  Unfortunately, he had to make an emergency visit to the dentist on his birthday, but that worked out, and the subsequent party was even better, because his oldest friend, Ned, was back from Alaska, and could join us.

I often reflect how lucky I am to have such a great dad for a role model.  He never wavers on the truth, or the ethics, although it’s true he doesn’t like to be wrong (who does?).

His business is a wonderful example of how manufacturing in America helps America.  We employ people, who produce goods.  Everyone from our distributors (and their customers), our suppliers, and the communities of our employes, benefits from these efforts.  And despite the downturn, despite the horrendous tort problems, he continues to put his efforts into this organization.

Politics and more:
Only have few things to say, but mostly want to log my links.
Camilia Paige came out with another great column.  Too late for Obama to turn back  I find I am enjoying

Cheney, Buffett Comment on Current Climate.  Warren Buffett warning aboutGreenbacks

Illegal Care Costs –  Here is another good one outlining the costs associated with  the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, or EMTALA, and that our hospitals can’t even ask for a patient’s immigration status or ability to pay prior to delivering treatment. They also can’t keep such uninsured patients waiting, even if their problem isn’t an emergency. Nor can they discharge them until they’re fully stabilized and have safe transportation.  I think Clinton enacted that.

Honduras handing over Syrian death guy – where’s the thanks while our Prez continues to insert himself in their politics.  Honduras hands over Syrian death guy

How can we screw this up so badly?    budget shortfalls

Cheney   another flip-flopby Prez O.  Did the President misspeak earlier?  How can you even think about going after the agents who acted under orders of the administration at the time.  (after reading “Why just Her”, it is clear the Federal Government can manipulate the judicial system against individuals.

hint: if you look at the Constitution, the president of the United States is the chief law enforcement officer in the land. The attorney general’s a statutory officer. He’s a member of the cabinet. 

The president’s the one who bears this responsibility. And for him to say, gee, I didn’t have anything to do with it, especially after he sat in the Oval Office and said this wouldn’t happen, then Holder decides he’s going to do it. So now he’s backed off and is claiming he’s not responsible.

Enough.  Come’on America.