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To begin anew

It’s diffilcult to summarize all that has been going on, but suffice it to say that we returned to Oregon this past week, for two weddings. Because we had a week between each wedding, we used the time to visit with old friends, and I cannot say enough about how good that felt. It is […]

Time To Come Back!

I am a bit tired of always being too tired to blog.  I find I enjoy reading my past blogs/thoughts – and while I have little doubt they are of little value to anyone else, I find a bit of relief and refreshment when I read my thoughts from times gone by. And I am […]

Two Years Ago

It’s been two years since my father passed away.  I am lucky to have had time with him, and wish everyone would have the opportunity to spend adult time – lots of it – with their parents. I am a lucky girl. I blogged at the time of his passing, capturing my thoughts and anguish, […]

Amer-Asian, Amer-Italian, Amer-African

I just heard this phrase in a recent movie or TV show.   I love it.   Amer-Asian.  It’s pronounced a-murr-asian, with that first “a” being a soft “a” ().    A very nice blend of America and Asia.  And why not for all of our nations – why not for America and Italy (Amer-Italian), […]

We are an exhausted nation

It started a week ago, listening to Tim Conway Jr’s talk show – had to be Sept. 11th.  He took calls from people living off the government, and one thing he said really caught my attention.  He said “We are all tired.”  He went on to say something to the effect of: We work hard […]

Freebies – are we too broke for common sense?

Can you believe this?  Can we really debate the need for available drinking water?  For the full L.A. Times article, click here. You just don’t imagine in our country in 2010 that there isn’t free water to drink while you are having a meal. But there isn’t,” said Kenneth Hecht, executive director of California Food […]

First Gaga, Now this?

Are you joking me? This is unbelievable. The “reporter” who wore skin-tight clothing to a football practice….. She dresses in tight tight jeans, and says “it’s not her fault” because those jeans are “her size”. Excuse me? Since when does a real woman blame her style (or lack of it) on the manufacturer? As if […]

After Life

I have given up on the ability of those in the after life to come back and visit us mere mortals. Dad died February 8th, 2010.  I thought for  sure he would find a way to come back and, if nothing else, give me a thumbs up.  Nothing, nada.  Yet I KNOW he would have […]

I Love to Learn

I can’t get enough of learning. I love to learn, but there is so little time. I just found Khan academy.  He is written up in the Sept issue of Fortune – he makes homemade tutorials for us to learn a variety of subjects by.  And then I also just learned of iTunes University – […]

Pension Reform, 1st Black President

New find . . . .  http://reason.tv/video/show/jack-dean   an interview with the founder of pensiontsunami.com,  an aggregate news “publisher” for pension-related news. Also, in yesterday’s WSJ (Aug, 27, 2010), we were told by the CA Accounting Board that 80 cents of every tax dollar goes to support CA employee compensation and benefits.  Something’s gotta give.  This is […]