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Econ 101

Read it, and understand government intervention. Don’t blame the employer – they are doing what they are supposed to, ie, cutting costs. The markets will decide if the employer is hurting their business or not…. https://www.dailywire.com/news/44106/nyc-implemented-minimum-wage-hike-fast-food-hank-berrien?utm_source=shapironewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=030219-news&utm_campaign=position4

Cohen’s plea deal and Manafort’s conviction

On Twitter this morning, Brit Hume referenced this article, written for the National Review by Andrew C. McCarthy.  It is a very good read on the recent convictions of Trump’s campaign manager and his attorney. I, for one, am not alarmed at the these events, outside of the fact that Democrats will try to make […]

NFL’s hypocrisy

I realize I have been silent for quite sometime – just didn’t have much to say given our current climate of a vitriolic left advocating violence.  But this showed up in my in-box today, and after verifying its content, I wanted to share it.  The issues listed below deal with the NFL’s strict uniform code, […]

The New Normal

I almost said this, the other day, to my friend, as she was burying her beloved sister.  But I thought better of it – it sounded too cruel to remind her of her new normal – life without her best friend, her sister. At the same time, I have often thought of my own “new […]

Inner Child

I took this from Instagram, from thinkgrowprosper.  It is a beautifully poignant comment about how we should be living. thinkgrowprosper“It demonstrates a conflict between a man and a woman as well as the outer and inner expression of human nature. Their inner selves are executed in the form of transparent children, who are holding out […]

A word to the wise

Once again, I post other people’s words.  They are far better at putting pen to paper than I am, yet they resonate so strongly within me I am compelled to share them with my tiny circle of friends.  Be inspired, be motivated, be loved. Here is the first, from 2005, 11 years ago. And here is […]


Nature can do a lot to soothe a brain burp. Here, in Oregon, amid trees, waterfalls, and wildlife, I take refuge from the world. Here, things seem calmer, quieter, and more acceptable. Here, I can hear myself think, I can feel my heart swell with love, and I can see wonders I usually overlook. Here, […]

There is no explanation

Ever wonder why we even exist?  I do.  But there are no answers.  No explanation. Nothing. So then I wonder “where we are going?” on this journey through life.  And I marvel at how man has developed life, with its many inconvient complications and unintended consequences. Despite whether one agrees or disagrees with our evolvement, […]

CSPAN – not your usual soundbite

I love CSPAN. Can’t get enough of it. When my husband is traveling, I have it on all the time. When he is home, I watch it in snippets.  At the gym, I always get one of the channels tuned to CSPAN 1 2 or 3.  But come the weekend, I watch it in batches. […]

Meteoric Demise

They came in, heralding their expertise. Halfway through it, I knew one was a self-indulgent con, the others just plain conceited and ignorant, a deadly combination. Yet “meteoric rise” was a phrase the con liked to use, but truth was, he’d executed a “meteoric demise”. Sadly, others believed in them, despite the warning signs. Some […]