Fascinating to look back

It’s September 26, 2021.  For some reason I went to my site.  I felt like it’d be years since I was there, but in fact, it was not.  I forget, in the heartbeat of day-to-day life, little things I have done, or I have thought.

But I find some of them here.  I used to think that having your own website did not pan out the way I expected.  At first I thought everyone should have one – like a home address.  But things did not go that way, and I just thought the ubiquitous “oh well” with a shrug.

Now, years later, I enjoy my visits back in time. I am so surprised to read some of my blogs… who was that girl?  Oh, it was me.  Gee, I had forgotten that.

So let me catch up a bit (and this could be a repeat as I have not re-read all my blogs).  May, 2019 we made the sudden move to lease our home in Newport Beach and move to where the kids and grandkids were (Oregon). Got that done – moved into a low density road along the Willamette just days before our Vida home burned in the Holiday Farms Fires.  Within a year, we had moved next door, and Byron and family took over our house.  It is fantastic to share lives – we all help each other out, especially with the little guy.

Pua and Chris found a small farm-like home and Keoni and Favi found a small 1st home for themselves.  Kamaili (age 11) has been living with us, and has started school at Country Christian School. She move back in with her folks once they get into their home (November).  Cabo vacation had to be canceled due to all this activity.

Harbor just sold.  Hard in some ways, but not hard in other ways.  We lost Louise in May, and an unsolicited offer came in.  It just seemed time to move on.

Things look good on the horizon.  The Good Lord is with us, as always, but it is especially easy to be grateful in times such as these – good health, the hope we have for the young children, and finding happiness in the little things in life.  We praise Him and rejoice in Him.  I don’t necessarily like who I was when I was without Him, but I am so happy for who I have become once I returned to Him.