Crafting Things

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[image caption=”Quilt 2″][/image]
[image caption=”Quilt 3″][/image]

I find I am driven to make things (but perhaps not boilers).  Mostly things that will mean something to others, that will be my gift of my time and good karma thoughts while making the item. As I make them, I think about how to improve it the next time around.  I think about it as a business, and capturing costs.  And I think about how to scale the production process.  Silly, but by that time, I am happy to return to my simple thoughts about how much the receiver will enjoy the gift, and I leave it at that.  Till the next time aroung.

The three images shown here are of a current baby blanket done for my good friend Matt’s daughter, which features his son on it as well, and of a baby blanket done about 30 years ago.