The Arrest of a Black Scholar – Professor Gates

This case reminds me of the true story I am reading: “Why Just Her – Jeane Palfrey” (  It documents a gross miscarriage of justice, much much worse than what Professor Gates experienced.  Unfortunately, unlike Prof Gate’s experience, no one hollered too much as Washington DC circled their wagons.

Now, with the uproar over Professor Gates’ experience, I can’t help but wonder if all the hoopla isn’t justified?  At first, I was disgusted by it (pleeeeez, it was just two people being emotionally frustrated with each other, with one side clearly having the upper hand – note to self, never argue with law enforcement officers over petty things).

But the supporters’ voices are getting their point across, aren’t they?   In Jeane Palfrey’s case, there was no huge outcry for the lone white woman the government threw its full weight upon.  Maybe if citizens had united for her, we could have made a difference.

The book is compelling – mostly because it seems inconceivable that the government could get away with its behavior.  I googled the author – he is considered a renegade attorney, and based on this book, that is probably justifiable.  He’s not one to play nice when you aren’t playing by the rules.

But Gates, and all the attention over something so trivial, it’s just a shame when you consider these same people could have voiced their concerns over much larger injustices.

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