Mainstream media, Class warfare distraction….

Mainstream media is threatening our country’s future | Fox News.

Will write more about this when I have time.  Just capturing the thought right now.  But do keep in mind this is a speech, so the written word is clumsy.  Be gentle, go for the intent as spoken, not as written. 😉

I do believe we have a problem where  “journalists” let their opinions cloud their judgement, and they spiral out of control from reporting unbiased news to reporting biased news.  And I am not talking about the TV/Radio talk hosts, (who do this too but not under the guise of journalism). I am talking about newspapers and TV news programming.

Top Obama contributor blasts the class warfare rhetoric

I firmly believe the class warfare rhetoric is just a distraction.  I do believe the incumbent wants to distract the public from his poor performance by inflaming their emotions and creating an “us against them” atmosphere.  The problem is, the middle class slippage has been going on since the 70’s.  All kinds of people have been screaming about it – but just like the housing bubble – no on wants to listen until it is too late.  The problem we are in is not an us against them, but it is about a government (over the years, so both parties) that is run by politicians who garner power by brokering deals that are not in the public’s best interests.  Want proof?  Look at the pension plans for city employees.  It is unsustainable.  Even Willie Brown issued a recent mea culpa and again called for pension reform.  But it was politics, combined with cronyism, and the politicians gorging themselves on that feed that got us into this bloated mess.

It’s really all about the National Debt, and how we all cut back, and rebuild the American Dream.  There will be outliers on either end, and we can’t chase those losers, but we can unite and fight for our country.