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  • How Capitalism Lost its Shine , 2012

    Here is a great article about capitalism, and why today’s youth, and others, struggle with the significance of this. WSJ Journal Why Capitalism has an Image Problem This is serious stuff to me. It is about what has made America great, and how that is …

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  • Screen Shot 2012 07 23 At 4.00.32 PM

    Crafting Things

    I find I am driven to make things (but perhaps not boilers). ┬áMostly things that will mean something to others, that will be my gift of my time and good karma thoughts while making the item. As I make them, I think about how to …

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  • To begin anew

    It’s diffilcult to summarize all that has been going on, but suffice it to say that we returned to Oregon this past week, for two weddings. Because we had a week between each wedding, we used the time to visit with old friends, and I …

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